Christian Jung I am Christian Jung, a designer from Hamburg. I was born here in Germany‘s northern territories in 1966, have been raised in the south on the outskirts of Munich and went back to Hamburg after school. From 1993 to 1999 I went to college in Bielefeld and returned with a design degree in the field of typography from my highly respected – now retired – Professor Gerd Fleischmann. I made my first web site in 1995 during an internship at Eden in Amsterdam. Since 1996 I make my living designing web sites and software applications. I have been Creative Director and Head of Design at SinnerSchrader and Product Designer at CoreMedia.

Find Me Elsewhere

You will find my occasional tweets here, my Google handle here, my LinkedIn profile here, Germans might prefer the XING page. If you are more for the old school email thing, please use mail at christianjung dot com.


Everything written in this weblog is my personal opinion. No one pays me for doing this. I am not accepting any benefits from third parties for my writings. If something I am writing about affects a business relationship of mine, such as a current or former client, or a former employer, I will disclose it separately. I am honestly trying my best not to hide anything.


This blog is made with WordPress, installed and hosted by myself on remote webspace. This is more complicated than using tumblr, but I think it is important to keep some basic things in life under direct control.

My WordPress theme is a modified TwentyTen, hacked by myself. Shortcomings are due to the fact that I am not a code person. The headline font is an modified ITC Quay family, developed in 1995 by my typography class in college.


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