Google Maps for iOS 5, Google Maps 6.9.2 on Android 4.11 and iOS6 Maps compared ·

Apple Maps shows much less detail and has much less contrast, what makes it very hard to use in bright daylight. For the street where I am located, only Google Maps on iOS shows the name of the street and the one way sign.

iOS6 is a design disaster ·

I cannot believe what I am seeing, this is a total mess. 3 screenshots from iOS6 core applications, 3 different visual themes that have nothing to do with each other:

KCRW is the greatest radio station ever ·

and Music Mine is on my iPad homescreen now.

Derbyshire, Great Britain ·

Kigali, Rwanda, December 2011 ·

Wonderful Table Of Contents Design By Willy Fleckhaus 1965 ·

What a beautiful design from Willy Fleckhaus who is said to have been Germany’s first Art Director. Found in the twen magazine from 10/1965.

Goodbye Basecamp, continued ·

This is in reply to the discussion thread in the Hacker News, related to my post Goodbye Basecamp.