New Vodafone in 3D and with a new typeface

The fontblog people spotted the new vodafone logo on the german Vodafone site first. It’s not yet rolled out on all sites, but this will come soon.

Why do people – even designers – always complain about new logo designs? I see a clear improvement, it is smarter, smoother, better in typograpy and consequently a screen logo because of its 3D look.

I have often been thinking about why 3D Effects look good on screen and do not on paper. I have been searching for answers in literature, but i did not find anything about this. It must have something to do with the perception of the human eye watching a light emitting image (in contrary: paper does reflect the light). It seems that light emitting images are more recognized spacial than images on paper. There is more depth in it. This inevitably leads to 3D styles.

In any graphical computer interface, designers always made use of this effect, overlapping windows have been a key to GUIs since the first Xerox Smalltalk desktop. Objects in background are dark, the front element is the brightest. This works only on screen, if you make a printout, it just looks poor.

Vodafone got it right – they now have a logo that looks best in screen use. Who cares about print?

2 thoughts on “New Vodafone in <span class="caps">3D</span> and with a new typeface”

  1. Ha Ha … the whole world is 3D. So it can’t be wrong to use 3D as I often said and do. Put in some big shiny button and call him THE MOUNTAIN in a flat tpyo world. Put in some shadow and you are really cool. Try some reflections and your are a god.

    cheers 3dandre :-)

  2. In any graphical computer interface, designers always made use of this effect…

    Not really on topic at all, but this comment reminded me of this image. You have 2 seconds to select the active window… Image taken from this article reviewing Windows Vista.

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