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There has been some enthusiastic commenting on this openBC thread, thanks. This encourages me to complete the series and try to win a one year’s free membership maybe:)

How does the business card look like when accessed via google? I think openBC should understand themselves as a platform. All openBC contents – the profiles – are accessible via various channels, the website is only one of them. It should support others, like RSS or even better, an open API. Sync your company directory with openBC, cool.

Web search is also syndication. Therefore it is logically consistent to hide the „website” and show the contents only. Thats what the sketch shows.

There is only 2 days left for the contest, feel free to download this psd file (1.5 MB) and reuse the design. Some rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “openBC sketches (6)”

  1. As you already noticed, I really like what you did with these slide. If you ever want to move to Cologne and are looking for a job, please tell me. :)

    One thing will be hard with all of those though. The image at the top. At least I am not aware of easily creating images of users on a green background based on the images they submit. Sad really, but with some creative thinking, maybe it’s possible.

  2. Sounds like a misunderstanding.

    the green background is custom branding from the company of this guy. Take a look at and click on „profiel” in the navigation, thats where it is from. (i know Hans, i have been working there a couple of years ago)

    The area on from top to the bottom of the green background is meant to be freely customizable – with own HTML. If you gonna upload crappy design there – well, its your problem.

    Its more effort for you and maybe you have to hire a photographer and a designer – but are you powerpointing your business 1.0 card by yourself?

  3. Your idea with the customizable top‐area is very nice!

    But there must be templates for people with no graphic or html‐skills.

  4. Lol :) Great response Christian! Agreed. I can put crappy stuff here but we just received our cards and yes we had a designer do them, as was to be expected. Of course, how many people get a designer to do their own personal business cards (if they even have one). but that might change for a lot of people over time as more and more of the interaction on the web as about my own brand.

  5. Hey CJ, glad to see you’re getting the recognition you deserve. I’d started fooling around with an openBC redesign myself, but I kept looking at your design and this one and couldn’t find the time (pitching, pitching, pitching) to do as good or better. Well done! Long live MyOpenBCSpace!

  6. To be honest … I did one flop over here .

    When I look at the first Sketch of XING I see some details that reminds me of my approach. but what is the thing with the name? When I do a design for a thing called „XING” it will be never the same look compared to a stiff conservative „OPENBC” Sound.

    cheers as

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