Preparing for LeWeb3

It’s time to pack my bags for LeWeb3. And i’d better prepare a bit not to miss something important. The list of speakers and attendees is very promising.

I am really looking forward to David Weinbergers talk on Tuesday. Nicole has a good interview with him, it is worth listening. Besides his well known theories about the changes in that come with the internet – the new organization of knowledge and the Webs „profoundly social” character – he states that future historians might look back on our age saying: the society faced the decision whether to embrace the new openness or to fall back in an new „dark age”. I did not notice this fear from him before, and i currently do not understand where it suddenly comes from. These attempts to restrict the openness have been there all the time, and the Web has been developing nevertheless. Why now?

Also on Tuesday there is a chance to meet the people from – Felix Miller is speaker and Stefan Glänzer is on the participants list. Thats what a i missed at reboot8 this year.

To be continued…

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  1. Christian, thanks for looking forward to hearing me, although that does sound like an odd phrase.

    I agree that the forces working against the openness of the Internet have been around for a while. I’ve been scared sh*tless for about five years. It seems to me the situation has been getting worse, with occasional small victories. So, my concern doesn’t feel „sudden” to me.

    Let’s hope – let’s make–2007 go our way.

    Sorry you were so put off by the presidential speakers at Le Web. Even though I really didn’t like one of them, I was glad to hear them. I was so surprised by the strong negative reaction that I can only assume there are cultural factors at work here.

    Anyway, thanks for your posts. I hope you’re having an excellent holiday…

    - David W.

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