The reboot8 feedback loop

Back from reboot8. It was an impressive experience like it was last year. Great people, great talks, great atmosphere and well organized. Thank you Thomas and all the others, sincerely. It must have be an awful lot of work. For me the value of the two days in Copenhagen is priceless, and i think most of the rebooters agree with that. If i could, i would immediately sign up for next year.

Thomas asked for feedback, and some people already did in their blogs. I think we should all sum up our comments in the feedback page on the wiki. I would love to see this page linked on the start page.

My 2 cents:

  • I don’t like talks that are mixed up with sales promo and product presentation. Jesse James Garrett ‚s Mark Hursts’ talk would have been much more valuable without that. I would prefer having demos explicitly seperated from talks.
  • It is a pity that the reboot7 site was down after the conference last year. Is there a chance to keep this years site up?