I paid 3 Euros for Radiohead’s new Album

[This is a repost from my former blog christian jung beta from October 14th, 2007]

How much is it worth? I paid 2 GBP, that equals 2.88 Euros plus transaction fee. Why? As far as i know (and my former boss Willms wrote in his thesis), artist’s share from the price of music is around 12%, producion is roughly 8%. The rest is for the labels, marketing and distribution. Assumed that a download on iTunes would have cost me 9,99 Euros, paying 3 Euros leaves 1 Euro for radiohead’s own distribution channel. I think this is fair. Some people estimate the same value, Richard MacManus pays a lot more.

Remarkable for the download site: it is a very simple piece of software. There is no prelistening of the music, nothing but payment and download. And it’s got the coolest shop basket ever seen


If i would work at Sony BMG, Universal Music, EMI or Warner Music, i’d start looking for a new job…

UPDATE: The Listening Post says, the average price is $6, according to ComScore