Notable definition of design: simplify, differentiate, innovate

As a passionate reader of Bruce Nussbaum’s writings for Business Week about design, especially this post is worth a bookmark. Nussbaum cites Hewlett Packard’s design chief Sam Lucente – and gives three points how design is used at HP:

  • Design to simplify
  • Design to differentiate
  • Design to innovate

Nice. Although Sam Lucente refers to product design (as you can see by the examples), my feeling is that it fits to other design disciplines – interaction, communication – very well, too. Some thoughts:

Simplify: about creating artifacts that are humane. Ergonomics, usability, typography (my teacher’s words: „Typografie schafft Ordnung” – typography achieves order).

Differentiate: about creating artifacts that are exciting and build identity. Brand, fashion, style, corporate design.

Innovate („the hardest kind of design”, as Nussbaum writes, „Designers synthesize customer desires, business requirements and technological possibilities…” as Lucente says): describes design as a central task in between the disciplines.