RIP, was buried yesterday, time to post some old artwork here before it gets forgotten. was a low cost carrier brand from the „Touristik Union International” corporation (TUI). TUI is the largest tourism company in europe. They now merged their two german low cost airline brands into a new one which is called

Here are screenshots from 2002 to 2006, retrieved from my personal wayback machine.

This is a draft from the initial design phase: at launch in October 2002 (design by Matt and me. To be honest, Matt did most of the work):


How it looked after a rebrush in 2003 (done by Andreas Fey):


In 2005, there was a major redesign (me not involved). This is a screenshot from december 2006:


For me, the 2003 version still is the best one… anyway., cool project, rest in peace.


This is how looked like when relaunched in 2005. Design done by Jürgen Brandenburg. (Thanks, Matt!)

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  1. Ahhhhh, those were the days. Yeah, I’d agree, Andreas tidied up all the loose ends of our launch design and made something better out of it. The relaunch in 2005 (almost completely Jürgen Brandenburg’s work) was something totally new, and also quite nice if you ask me. The Dec. ’06 screenshot you’ve got up there was close to the launch of (death of and a little rough around the edges – sort of the collision of the past and the future. Ping me if you’re interested and I can send you a screenshot after the ’05 relaunch but before the collision.

    BTW, in the first 4 screenshots, the background was white, but looks like a dirty grey…

  2. @matt

    ping. my wackback machine didnt retrieve a 2005 screenshot.

    the grey was intentional, a feature not a bug. you don’t like it? hm . did you notice that you can click to enlarge?

  3. Hey, where are all the funny easter and x‐mass screens gone? Useless to say taht I have been hacked off to illustrate those santa claus manikins. But anyway, I had a lot of fun fighting aggainst those germanwings marketing activities. so long…

  4. Hi AF, nice to meet you here. If you have some screens to contribute, just send me a mail! I’d be pleased to post them here. CU

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