hlx.com was buried yesterday, time to post some old artwork here before it gets forgotten. Hlx.com was a low cost carrier brand from the „Touristik Union International” corporation (TUI). TUI is the largest tourism company in europe. They now merged their two german low cost airline brands into a new one which is called tuifly.com. Here are

The openBC crew invited me to a blogger workshop today. While i am not a dedicated blogger, this is a great honor! Around 10 people were discussing with Daniela and Lars about the new Logo, the new site design and the corporate weblog. When the new logo leaked public on last weekend, i didn’t understand it really. My first impression

The fontblog people spotted the new vodafone logo on the german Vodafone site first. It’s not yet rolled out on all sites, but this will come soon. Why do people – even designers – always complain about new logo designs? I see a clear improvement, it is smarter, smoother, better in typograpy and consequently a screen logo because of