From Vision in Motion, László Moholy-Nagy, Chicago 1947:

What a beautiful design from Willy Fleckhaus who is said to have been Germany’s first Art Director. Found in the twen magazine from 10/1965.

I like this! It’s true, i can tell.

good advice for my own business.

I’m a friend of getting good inspiration from best practices, but this goes way too far.

Design is like California – nobody is born there.” relaunched today yesterday. They reworked their design for the first time since 2002. To be precisely, the Dusseldorf based agency „argonauten360″ did the new look and feel, at least that what’s the legal notes say. So, who cares? Well, i do. Because it was my design from 2000 and 2002 when i was Art Director at SinnerSchrader. The

There has been some enthusiastic commenting on this openBC thread, thanks. This encourages me to complete the series and try to win a one year’s free membership maybe:) How does the business card look like when accessed via google? I think openBC should understand themselves as a platform. All openBC contents – the profiles – are accessible via

Finally, i have got some thoughts for the profile page – the „Business Card 2.0”. Currently, the profile page displays a lot of different „business details” and „contact details”. I think it is a bit confusing because there are too much of them and many users do not fill out every form. I want to display only data fields that