This is the last update for the start page for now. It is the last week of the openBC contest and it is time to start with the profile page… I cleaned up the contents and deleted everything not really necessary. The start page focuses now completely on the Premium Membership teaser. I do not think

One more for today. I reduced the header in size and added a bit fancyness by something like a watermark in the background. Its better now, a bit more unique, i think. Work in progress. In the main content area, there are 2 new thoughts. First, some inbound sales effort in the middle. There is a big teaser with openBC’s killer feature

It’s not the key task for the contest, but the current logo is painful. It is hard to imagine to do something reasonable without changing it. So i make some quick wins here. There are already some new ideas in the opendesign logo i can reuse. The typeface used for „open” is a Futura bold with a decent negative tracking

2 months after reboot and some days after my summer holidays it’s time to check: how is the openBC design contest going? They just announced the second week’s winner. I met some of the openBC crew in copenhagen and saw Bill Liao’s talk there. I liked the openBC people, but i’m still not sure whether the contest

Douglas Bowman is joining Google as Visual Design Lead. So what? People seem to be thrilled. Om Malik writes: „a likely end to the mishmash, drab and boring user interfaces from Google. Yeah!” This announcement made me click through Bowman’s company website and i stopped at the philosopy page where he gives a definition of his understanding

Derek Powazek wrote an article in A List Apart about the role of writing in interface design. It reads: Calling all designers: learn to write! And he found a great example: Yes, Derek is right. The importance of the written word cannot be underestimated in web interfaces. That will be a part of rethinking designers’ tools.

Just stumbled on a couple of not very fresh posts about the role of anti-marketing design, as Scoble calls it. His conclusion: The „ugliest designs” seem to make the best profit on the net. Or the other way round: some sites are simply too pretty. Of course there are a lot of so called Elite Designers shouting

The fontblog people spotted the new vodafone logo on the german Vodafone site first. It’s not yet rolled out on all sites, but this will come soon. Why do people – even designers – always complain about new logo designs? I see a clear improvement, it is smarter, smoother, better in typograpy and consequently a screen logo because of is something very cool and useful, a huge logo database, all vector files. Nevermore having to browse endless through press pages on websites. „The primary use of site is to enable designers to access vector-forms of the well-known brand-logos that they can use in their presentations, given the permission of the copyright owner.”

From the „Fisher Price School of Design” (Russel Beattie): It’s not only bigger typography, the search result itself also seems to be simplified, or shortened. Or are there only less results? Anyway, this refers perfecty to my favorite trend in webdesign. Unfortunately, there is another trend when it comes to mobile phones. Playing around