… plus serious nightmares about the German automotive industry.

I have tried others, like Pandora and iLike, and i must say: LastFM is the champion, Pandora is crap.

Flickr is a great site, no doubt about that. Great to share photos with others, brilliant design. But there is one thing that always made me thinking. Flickr often is named as a best practise for the strength of tagging vs the weaknesses of taxonomies. I do not like the way of tagging on flickr. I do not

As tagging is a relatively new phenomenon, it is not surprising that there is not much existing literature yet. But when i was googling yesterday for tagging pattern design it was disappointing though. I didn’t find a collection of examples how adding/removing of tags and other metadata should be designed. So i have to start by myself? delicious is the

The fontblog people spotted the new vodafone logo on the german Vodafone site first. It’s not yet rolled out on all sites, but this will come soon. Why do people – even designers – always complain about new logo designs? I see a clear improvement, it is smarter, smoother, better in typograpy and consequently a screen logo because of

Can be found on several blogs, nevertheless very impressive and worth a post: an experimental interaction demo by Jefferson Y. Han, Department of Computer Science, New York University.

„Focus on function, not form”