.. felt like photoshopping a bit. Just an experiment, comments appreciated.

I have tried others, like Pandora and iLike, and i must say: LastFM is the champion, Pandora is crap.

very promising list of speakers

There is another post from Stowe Boyd about the social dynamics in openBC. I think he is perfectly right: automatically aggregated neighbourhoods (matching interests wants & haves, location etc.) would be useful and would work much better as the current groups. Just another thought- if the algorithm would not only analyze your but also your contact’s profiles

LastFM changed my life”, that’s what Stowe Boyd said. I would not go that far, but in fact my amazon wishlist is growing as well as my expenses in the iTunes store. It’s really fun. Since i am not a musician and don’t know much about music i had always to rely on recommendations by friends. I am not particularily