The openBC crew invited me to a blogger workshop today. While i am not a dedicated blogger, this is a great honor! Around 10 people were discussing with Daniela and Lars about the new Logo, the new site design and the corporate weblog. When the new logo leaked public on last weekend, i didn’t understand it really. My first impression

There has been some enthusiastic commenting on this openBC thread, thanks. This encourages me to complete the series and try to win a one year’s free membership maybe:) How does the business card look like when accessed via google? I think openBC should understand themselves as a platform. All openBC contents – the profiles – are accessible via

There is another post from Stowe Boyd about the social dynamics in openBC. I think he is perfectly right: automatically aggregated neighbourhoods (matching interests wants & haves, location etc.) would be useful and would work much better as the current groups. Just another thought- if the algorithm would not only analyze your but also your contact’s profiles

Finally, i have got some thoughts for the profile page – the „Business Card 2.0”. Currently, the profile page displays a lot of different „business details” and „contact details”. I think it is a bit confusing because there are too much of them and many users do not fill out every form. I want to display only data fields that

This is the last update for the start page for now. It is the last week of the openBC contest and it is time to start with the profile page… I cleaned up the contents and deleted everything not really necessary. The start page focuses now completely on the Premium Membership teaser. I do not think

One more for today. I reduced the header in size and added a bit fancyness by something like a watermark in the background. Its better now, a bit more unique, i think. Work in progress. In the main content area, there are 2 new thoughts. First, some inbound sales effort in the middle. There is a big teaser with openBC’s killer feature

It’s not the key task for the contest, but the current logo is painful. It is hard to imagine to do something reasonable without changing it. So i make some quick wins here. There are already some new ideas in the opendesign logo i can reuse. The typeface used for „open” is a Futura bold with a decent negative tracking

This is my first draft for the openBC design. What i did is just arranging the contents as i would like them to be and getting rid of all decoration, as far as possible. The layout grid is pretty standard. Logo and navigation stay where they are, there is a meta navigation at the top right containing secondary

I wonder why there are not more people posting designs for the openBC contest. About 20 submissions a week is not that much considering the 10k Euro – which is not too bad. Maybe, they are all working and submitting in the last week? And still, the desings submitted so far are more variations than great ideas

2 months after reboot and some days after my summer holidays it’s time to check: how is the openBC design contest going? They just announced the second week’s winner. I met some of the openBC crew in copenhagen and saw Bill Liao’s talk there. I liked the openBC people, but i’m still not sure whether the contest