I like this! It’s true, i can tell.

Design is like California – nobody is born there.”

What are the 3 main topics when talking about a (so-called) web 2.0 service? I collected some thoughts for a talk at CoreMedia recently. Although some days passed by since then, i don’t want to miss posting them here. It’s not rocket science, just a personal view on what should be considered. Most important to me is the discussion

Douglas Bowman is joining Google as Visual Design Lead. So what? People seem to be thrilled. Om Malik writes: „a likely end to the mishmash, drab and boring user interfaces from Google. Yeah!” This announcement made me click through Bowman’s company website and i stopped at the philosopy page where he gives a definition of his understanding

Derek Powazek wrote an article in A List Apart about the role of writing in interface design. It reads: Calling all designers: learn to write! And he found a great example: Yes, Derek is right. The importance of the written word cannot be underestimated in web interfaces. That will be a part of rethinking designers’ tools.

Just stumbled on a couple of not very fresh posts about the role of anti-marketing design, as Scoble calls it. His conclusion: The „ugliest designs” seem to make the best profit on the net. Or the other way round: some sites are simply too pretty. Of course there are a lot of so called Elite Designers shouting