What a cool hack.

What are the 3 main topics when talking about a (so-called) web 2.0 service? I collected some thoughts for a talk at CoreMedia recently. Although some days passed by since then, i don’t want to miss posting them here. It’s not rocket science, just a personal view on what should be considered. Most important to me is the discussion

The openBC crew invited me to a blogger workshop today. While i am not a dedicated blogger, this is a great honor! Around 10 people were discussing with Daniela and Lars about the new Logo, the new site design and the corporate weblog. When the new logo leaked public on last weekend, i didn’t understand it really. My first impression

There is another post from Stowe Boyd about the social dynamics in openBC. I think he is perfectly right: automatically aggregated neighbourhoods (matching interests wants & haves, location etc.) would be useful and would work much better as the current groups. Just another thought- if the algorithm would not only analyze your but also your contact’s profiles

As tagging is a relatively new phenomenon, it is not surprising that there is not much existing literature yet. But when i was googling yesterday for tagging pattern design it was disappointing though. I didn’t find a collection of examples how adding/removing of tags and other metadata should be designed. So i have to start by myself? delicious is the

Brandsofheworld.com is something very cool and useful, a huge logo database, all vector files. Nevermore having to browse endless through press pages on websites. „The primary use of site is to enable designers to access vector-forms of the well-known brand-logos that they can use in their presentations, given the permission of the copyright owner.”

Last years reboot7 was the most inspiring event i’ve ever been to. I was a bit worried, but now the reboot.dk website is up again and reboot8 is announced. Great!

From the „Fisher Price School of Design” (Russel Beattie): big.com. It’s not only bigger typography, the search result itself also seems to be simplified, or shortened. Or are there only less results? Anyway, this refers perfecty to my favorite trend in webdesign. Unfortunately, there is another trend when it comes to mobile phones. Playing around