Unexpected neighbours in LastFM

LastFM changed my life”, that’s what Stowe Boyd said. I would not go that far, but in fact my amazon wishlist is growing as well as my expenses in the iTunes store. It’s really fun. Since i am not a musician and don’t know much about music i had always to rely on recommendations by friends. I am not particularily interested in music, i am just an average listener. LastFM changed this a bit.

LastFM is a huge machine, there is lot to explore. It took me a while to understand how things work there and how to use them. And some funny things are happening. For example, my daughter (she’s 10 years old) sometimes uses my computer to hear her music. She plays her tracks over and over again (thats what we all did when we were young) and this hacks my profile in lastFM. 5 of 10 overall top artists in my profile are not mine, although her total airtime surely is less than 10% compared to mine. But she is repeatedly hearing the same tracks, and thats boosting her in my charts.

I wonder if anybody would listen my loved tracks radio. You might just have heard some cool beats from The Prodigy and then comes Rihanna. That’s fun. But even more, just take a look at my neighbours page. Well, i don’t mind having some nice 20 year old girls as my neighbours, but my neighbours radio is useless now. Unfortunately, there seems to be now way to clean up the charts manually yet.