Reboot9: i liked the micropresentations

The best novelty at this year’s reboot are the micropresentations. 15 slides 20 seconds each equal 5 minutes for each speaker, and this is very tough. But its also a fun game, and it is perfect to cram a much information in a slot as possible. I loved it!

This experience leads to the thought: why not having only one track of short talks in one room instead of two? We conference visitors are always in fear of missing something important in the room next door.

Another idea – courtesy to Alexander Ljung – why not starting the day with micropresentations of all talks? This would be like presenters pitching for their slot, we would get a great overview.

3 thoughts on “Reboot9: i liked the micropresentations”

  1. Hi, thanks Christian! I think the micropresenters did really well – when we tried it out at Reboot last year, the preparation time was less, and this time, the presenters put a lot of time into making things smaller!

    Alexander’s idea is excellent…but maybe all the speakers could do just a 3 x 20 seconds ‚pitch’ at the start of the day (it would take an hour…might be a bit intense!)- I was a bit worried that some people wouldn’t watch a person’s main presentation if they watched the micropresentation ‚version’…

  2. Yep – we took a free session last year on the spur of the moment – I was interested in the format, but hadn’t seen it action – there is no better way to see it than actually doing it…there’s actually videos of the sessions on YouTube ( ) if you’re interested.

    It will be interesting to compare the sessions from this year’s…

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