openBC sketches (3)

One more for today. I reduced the header in size and added a bit fancyness by something like a watermark in the background. Its better now, a bit more unique, i think. Work in progress.

In the main content area, there are 2 new thoughts.

First, some inbound sales effort in the middle. There is a big teaser with openBC’s killer feature which is the main reason for being a premium member (as Mark Pohlmann recently wrote in the Themenblog). To make it more appealing, small thumbnails of the recent visitors are displayed – not linked, of course;) I do not understand why openBC is hiding this information in the newsletter?

On the right hand side the testimonial got a „individual” look, it displays the company logo of the guy who is speaking. Ok, its not very pretty (sorry to say, Mr. Lindsay) but i think it is realistic. Surely, people will want to add more to their „virtual identity” than just a bit text and data. Think of myspace.

The new teasers also illustrate what i mentioned in the previous post regarding the robustness of the header. There must be some messiness in the content area to grab people’s attention and to make the site lively. That’s what most successful e‑commerce sites do. Otherwise, the site will be a design graveyard.

Again, anyone may feel free to download the psd file (2.5 MB) and reuse the design. Some rights reserved.

So, whats next: the page has become cluttered again. Looks like i have to clean up…