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Finally, i have got some thoughts for the profile page – the „Business Card 2.0”.

Currently, the profile page displays a lot of different „business details” and „contact details”. I think it is a bit confusing because there are too much of them and many users do not fill out every form. I want to display only data fields that actually contain data, no more „Organizations: –”.

What i really like is the „Haves” and „Wants”. Yes, thats what the profile page is all about. So i make them larger than the other data. In the „Haves”, i am merging all skills – including language skills – to make it simpler.

I am NOT displaying the connection diagram, because i think it is useless unless there is a „2nd-level”-connection (you know somebody who knows this person). I call it: „you are connected”. If you want to make a contact, just call your buddies.

So this is my standard business card 2.0:

Business card?

When i am looking at my desk, there are a couple of business‑1.0‑cards waiting to be scanned for Outlook and to be sorted in my old-fashioned rolodex. In there, there are hundreds of them. None of them look the same. A business card is a highly individual thingy.

I really believe that a „business card 2.0” is not a business card without the option of customization. Of course, for Premium Members only:)

Custom profiles must be mandatory for an openBC relaunch. Look at the sketch – it does make sense, and it does not necessarily lead to a myspace chaos.

And one more thought: on the right hand side, there is a „learn how to connect”-box. It replaces the „you are connected”, when there is no 2nd-level connection beween you and the person on the profile.

What should be done in this box, is to show real-life help in how to connect to this person. For example, look up whether you have buddies who have the same profession, interests or maybe live in the same city than the person does. The box offers to send your buddies a message: does anybody know this guy?

Again, anyone may feel free to download this psd file (2.1 MB) and the other one (1.8 MB) and reuse the design. Some rights reserved.


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